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GMO Authorizations : EP calls for Stop !

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18 décembre 2013

The Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament voted today on the decision of the European Commission to propose to the Member States the cultivation of GMO maize (TC 1507) developed by the U.S. multinational Pioneer. A large majority of parliamentarians (34 against 15) opposed the proposal that the European Commission intends to propose to the Member States in early 2014.

Sandrine Belier, Green MEP and member of the Environment Committee commented the following :

« The European Court of Justice has sent a strong signal with the annulation of the decision of the Commission to authorize the cultivation of the potato Amflora. MEPs have just put a stop to the downward spiral in which the Commission has dragged the EU. The Commission must stop trying to impose by all means choices that seem dictated by interests other than those of European consumers. MEPs express the unease of a vast majority of citizens against GMOs. The evidence of the safety of GMOs remains to be proven and it is being challenged by numerous scientists like the REF ENSSER , while the environmental and social impacts of their cultivation are increasingly visible. It is irresponsible to authorize them. »

José Bove , Green MEP and Vice -Chairman of the Agriculture Committee stated the following :

« Even the European Council of Environmental Ministers had requested in 2008 that the European system of risk assessment should be considerably improved, but the Commission has achieved little progress in this field and it is vehemently trying to pass the authorization of new GMOs . European governments should publish the written proposal which they are called to decide about. Moreover, the plenary of the EP will have to confirm the vote in the Environment Committee which is now defending the rights of consumers and farmers. Barroso must make clear to his American counterparts that farmers and European consumers refuse to eat what the multinationals demand. »